Science problems

There are a number of problems in current physical theories. The most important of these could be:

  • Relativity Theory and Quantum Theory are not compatible.

Amongst the many unanswered questions are basic ones like these:

  • Where does the universe come from in the first place?
  • Since it is expanding now, was there a big bang at the beginning? Why a big bang?
  • Where does the zoo of particle types come from?
  • Why do the particles have seemingly arbitrary properties like charge or mass?
  • Why is there an uncertainty principle?
  • Why a Pauli exclusion principle?
  • Why are there clusters of clusters of galaxies even if the theories say there should not be?
  • Where is all the dark matter in the universe that has been postulated?
  • How can there be non-local effects in quantum mechanics? How can a particle determine the state of another far away and instantaneously?
  • Why does the presence of an observer changes the outcome of experiments?
  • Is wave particle duality not a contradiction?
  • Why are the universal constants G,h,… as they are? This includes frequently neglected universal constants: Why is there 1 perceived time dimension, 3 perceived space dimensions and 4 observed forces? These limits seem arbitrary.
  • How can particles spontaneously appear and disappear?
  • How can particles disintegrate into other particles?
  • “Who breathes fire into the equations?” [[i]] (There are formulae that accurately describe the behaviour of the world. Why does the world follow them?)

We will try to offer at least conceptually some possible resolutions to all of these questions.

[[i]] Stephen Hawking, A brief history of time

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