List of frequently asked questions


Are the rotational number sets Clifford Algebras or Quaternions?

No. There is no multiplication operation between rotational numbers.

Are these cyclotomic fields?

Yes, except that we do not take unity roots to be complex numbers.

Does this link to Galois theory?

Yes, probably.


Is this not simply multiple world theory?

No, although it is related. In multiple world theory the whole world keeps splitting into copies. Multiple time dimensions are much more economical with worlds as neighbouring timelines share their points.

Where are these extra time dimensions?

To us macroscopic observers time appears one dimensional and the extra time dimensions manifest themselves as potential worlds.

How about uncertainty?

The uncertainty is in the minds of the observers. The minds of multiple copies of observers run in perfect unison as long as information from the surrounding world does not make them diverge.

With “mind” do you mean “spirit” or “soul”?

No new age concepts. Mind is to brain as software is to hardware.

When a particle is observed does its wave function collapse?

It has nothing to do with the particle and all with the minds of the observers.

Is the whole universe just an equation?

Yes. More precisely an ordered set generated by an equation.

Why are you so confident that the generating equation will be simple?

Because the science of physics has had a lot of success at finding simple equations that accurately describe second order effects.

You say that extra forces might explain missing attraction between galaxies. How about dark matter? Some astronomers think that dark matter would fit better than and extra force.

The higher order forces could also allow massive particles that have not yet been observed. These particles would have a very high mass and could possibly interact through gravity and other forces but not with electromagnetism.

If particles are really patterns like in a cellular automaton then you would expect their stability to be very dependent on their surrounding. Why then are all fundamental particles listed with a single half life time?

Consider neutrons in the atoms of different elements. Why is a neutron in radioactive elements less stable than in other nuclei?


Why doesn’t this read like a scientific paper?

I have made attempts to enlist the help of academic professionals in the field to improve the presentation, with limited success. I tried my best to write it as clearly as he could to make it accessible to a wide range of interested parties.

Why are there so few references?

Most scientific papers offer incremental improvements and additions to existing and accepted theories. This idea attempts a fresh look at the current situation in physics and proposes a new level of abstraction below quantum physics, and as such builds on less existing work than is usual.

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