This blog presents some novel and hopefully interesting ideas about how the world works.

  • We wonder how the world would appear if time was multi-dimensional
  • We generalise complex numbers in a novel way
  • Using these numbers we define a nested generating function that defines a hierarchical multi-dimensional ordered set
  • We simulate a 6-dimensional subset of this and search for stable “glider-like” patterns

Hopefully there will be a paper published about this soon. This website is like the “director’s cut” of the paper. I’ll be able to elaborate a lot more and to use a more chatty tone. Another advantage of an on-line medium is that we can include moving pictures, very useful for illustrating points about time.

There are two types of posts:

  • Static pages that outline the main ideas in some detail, available on the TWTWW  menu on the right. The mathematics section stands alone, so please start there if this is your interest.
  • Blog posts that elaborate on some topics, available via the “blog” button at the top.

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